Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bloom by Anne Selden Annab


and sound
and touch and taste
awaken bloom
as Spring
is plucked up
by fluffed white clouds
refracting light to spin
into a multitude of brightly
colored threads… patterns
tightly interlaced by
the warp and woof
of nature's busy loom.

Birds & Blooms (Beauty in your own backyard) Feb/March 2009

Reflections By The Lake by Anne Selden Annab

Reflections By The Lake

An amethyst
dawn geodes
into a crystal

gaze: Clenched
within its tight

our winter tree
splinters into
two; shivering

shadows to
reach into rippling
shades of self.

Reflect Winter 2003

Sub Rosa by Anne Selden [Annab]

Sub Rosa

In brief...
a brown eyed leaf
blinked open into
a bright flash
of winged blue

Reflect Winter 2003